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Functionality and Comfort


Our Silk Masks are exceptionally light and extremely comfortable.  They also stay much cooler and absorb less moisture than ones made from other fabrics.  Choose from black or random colors.



    Silk Mask

    • Each mask is made from several layers of fabric to provide safety and comfort:


      • Silk inner lining
      • Three-layer SMS* fabric
      • Silk outer lining


      *SMS (spunbound polypropylene / meltblown polypropylene / spunbound polypropylene) is a tri-laminate, non-woven fabric that has excellent physical properties as well as barrier qualities. Features include light weight, high tensile strength, softness, comfort, breathability and wearability.


      SMS also acts as a water-repellent, and a barrier against bacteria, blood and other liquids as well as gas/steam/perspiration.

    • The printed silk masks are in random colors and prints may vary.  We cannot guarantee colors/patterns shown (other than black) will be in stock.

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