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How are silk comforters made?

The best silk comforters are filled with long fiber, mulberry silk. Long fiber silk filling is more expensive because it is directly produced from oval-shaped cocoons to produce high quality silk fabric. These cocoons are first stretched into large webs, and then stretched even more into layers used for the filling.  It takes 5500 cocoons to make each kilogram of batting, and many layers of batting to fill a comforter.


Why choose a silk comforter?
Most people choose a silk comforter for its warmth and incredibly light weight. Silk is one of the lightest and strongest natural fibers, and has excellent heat retention capabilities. Silk absorbs moisture quickly, and dries fast.  Natural silk is light, very supple and constantly equalizes temperature, which makes a silk comforter perfect for year round use.  Natural silk is also good for your complexion and for your health, in that it is the least allergenic of the natural fibers. With the current trend towards healthy living, more and more people have chosen silk-filled comforters as a healthier alternative to down-filled comforters.


What are the benefits of a Cocoon House silk comforter?

All Cocoon House silk comforters are filled with 100% Grade-A, hand pulled mulberry silk floss and are covered by a heavy organic cotton cover. They are incredibly soft, and provide warmth without the weight or bulk of synthetic or down comforters.  Their ability to retain heat and absorb moisture inside the comforter quickly helps keep the comforter at an ideal moisture level, resulting in just the right sleeping temperature.


  • Queen Size - 92" x 92"
  • 7.72 lbs.

CH Silk Comforter

$349.99 Regular Price
$248.99Sale Price
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